The Ndlovu Girls

Project Date May 8th, 2023
Client Lungani Zuma

The four farm girls of Maphumulo rural area are in Durban for reasons of employment and a search for greener pastures. They believe that Durban is going to give them good jobs and cute husbands. But contrary to their expectations, Durban is giving them problem after problem. One must pay a lobola for the husband to take a second wife. One is owing the taxman R12 million in tax debt. The third one has been robbed of R50 thousand by a cute pastor boyfriend, while the fourth has assaulted her Indian boss and two security guards, and so must face the arm of the law.

The book is written by Lungani Zuma - an accountant and author who is passionate about writing both fiction and non-fiction. The Ndlovu Girls is his fourth book and also his fourth book cover designed by Something Else.