UBKCO Heaphone's

Project Date March 9th, 2015
Client Internal Project

The UBCKO Headphone Prototype is a concept design project by Mzo Ntuli & Mr MediaX. The headphones are designed to provide an immersive wireless audio experience by enabling users to not just hear music, but also feel it. The headphones use a patented design by Something Else that combines circular aesthetic design and responsibly sourced materials such as bamboo, recycled plastic, aluminum, and fabrics to create the headphones.

The name of the headphones, UBCKO, is derived from the Zulu language word “ubuciko” which translates to art or creativity. The name is a nod to our focus on creating headphones that are not only functional but also innovative and creative but uniquely African. The name also reflects our commitment to incorporating unique and creative design elements into the product.